Ex Army & Housewife
We joined Kleeneze 4 1/2yrs ago to earn an extra £50 a week to supplement Bill's pension after he was compulsorily retired at age 60.

Working the business on a part time basis approximately 15 hours a week we earned over £400 in our first month. In December 2002 we decided to have a go at the sponsoring side of the business and showed the Kleeneze opportunity to a few people. Some of them decided to give it a go and our income grew to over £1500 per month, giving us an annual part time income of over £17,500 per year.

This is more than Bill was earning working full time, he also has the added bonus that he is now his own boss and chooses the hours he works. An extra £1500 a month is not a bad supplement to my state pension of £98 per week says Bill. Secure your retirement.

Former Aerospace Engineer & Civil Servant
We joined Kleeneze in 1998 requiring an additional £100 - £200 per month to help with my daughters university education. We were delighted to actually earn £406 in our first 4 weeks, for 12 hours per week!

Consistent effort took our part time income to over £2,000 per month which meant that when Willie was made Redundant from the Aircraft industry it was an easy choice to go full time with Kleeneze. Last year our business turned over more than £320,000 and typically pays us in excess of £2,700 per month. We have also qualified for all expenses paid trips to Marbella, Monte Carlo, Australia and Rio de Janerio.
Protect against redundancy.
Former Deep Sea Fisherman & Office Worker
We joined Kleeneze desperately looking to solve a huge debt problem. Within 12 months we were debt free and now have the freedom of choice to work and do what we want, when we want. We no longer worry about the bills and are able to be with our family at all those special occasions. We have also qualified for 9 European and 8 International conferences.
Cheque for 16,837.26 dated 17.11.2005 for 4 weeks.
Create a passive income of more than 10,000 per month.

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